Work Flow

The plumber spent Sunday getting the sink and faucet installed. It’s so nice to have our sink back again after two months.  The drills and saws have been put away, so we’ve started the process of washing off all the items in the house that have been accumulating dust.  We now get to begin the reward of putting the kitchen back together again. It feels good to remove things that have been stacked to the ceiling since summer and start seeing how the new kitchen feels.

The plumber will be back on Tuesday to hook up the dishwasher and possibly the stove.  When we put the dishwasher into place, we noticed that it is bumping up against one of the cabinet handles.  We had the cabinetmaker come in and take a look and he’ll also be back to do some adjusting.  After that, we’ll just have a few things for the handyman and electrician to finish up and then we’ll have our house back again.

It’ll be nice to have guests knocking at our door rather then workers.  I’m looking forward to entertaining and showing off the new kitchen, so start booking soon.

Reservations Again

We had hoped our kitchen would be in working order by now.  I have two parties scheduled for this weekend and my hopes were to be able to do a majority of the prep work here.  The countertops will be cured by Saturday morning and I’ll be able to do a little light prep work.  The plumber might be coming in this weekend to get some things installed.

We attempted to have a home cooked meal tonight, but for some reason, the outdoor grill wasn’t working.  This gave us the opportunity to visit our favorite sushi restaurant down the street.  This is not only our favorite local sushi restaurant, but our favorite overall sushi restaurant.  Hideki, the sushi chef, always has something up his sleeve.  We always leave it up to him to choose our selections and he never lets us down.  Tonight he gave us a special treat- live uni.  He came out and presented us with the prickly sea urchin, and then served it to us, while it was still moving.  It has a much different flavor then the uni I’m used to eating.  It had a very sweet taste and a slight ocean saltiness on the finish.  What a delicacy.

The Icing On The Cake

Marble Counter Top

Marble Counter Top

The white Carrera marble is installed… and it glows.  It is the defining element that pulls everything together.  The beautiful white pillowy virgin marble is screaming for some dough to be thrown down on it, rolled out, and made into a sweet pastry.  I’m searching my database for some great recipes and I can’t wait to get back into my groove and start cooking again.

The search continues for an electrician and a handyman to complete the last steps of finishing up the kitchen.  The stress is wearing on us and we’re ready to sign off on this project.  The plumber should be coming in early next week to install the dishwasher, faucets, and stove and we might have someone else to come in next week to finish up the final steps.

Back To The Kitchen Drama

We’re back from Austin and back into the kitchen remodeling dust. We gave our “handyman”/ general contractor a list of items to do, and we hoped he’d have them completed before our return home.  We had one nice surprise when we walked in the door: the cabinetmaker came in and finished the bar top, thus completing his assignment.  We are very happy with how the cabinets and bar top looks, the layout, and how everything flows.

We aren’t so happy with the handy work of our handy man.  He assured us he’d be done with everything by the time we came back and it didn’t happen.  Not even close. So today, we said goodbye.  It was a good feeling because he seemed intent on dragging this project on for as long as possible.  Although it will make a good story later, I’m not going to get into the ugly details right now.  We don’t want to have a bitter taste in out mouths before the kitchen is even finished.

We are now in search of a GOOD handyman and electrician to complete the unfinished work.  It will take a little longer to do the research, but it will be better in the long run.  We have a plumber on board to hook up the gas for the stove and all of the sink faucets.

Thursday is a big day.  The fabricators will come in to install the second stage of the countertops.  This will be the marble and it’s the bulk of the space.  The only thing remaining will be a stainless top next to the stove that will be ready soon.

With the countertops and sink in, I can start doing some cooking.  It’ll be all cold items and grilled items for now until the stove is installed, but at least we have a place to eat.

A Place To Eat

A Place To Eat

The Whole Foods Mothership

Austin, Texas is home to the corporate offices of Whole Foods Market, and like everything else in Texas, it’s bigger.  In addition to the many food courts and the office tower above, there is also a school.  I’m not sure if this is where the Whole Foods chefs learn to cook, or if it is for the public.  What a spectacle!