Sous Vide: The Home Version


I started playing around with the first sous vide machine that is intended for the home market.  The Sous Vide Supreme is a good sized machine with an 11.5 liter chamber capacity that I was easily able to fit three large chicken leg/thigh vacuum bags in.

Sous Vide & Caramelized Fennel With Orange And Parsley Oil

Sous Vide Chicken Leg With Brussels Sprouts And Celery Root-Chestnut Purée

The Thanksgiving Sparkling Wine

Well we managed to do it.  We found a decent sparkling wine for $8!  It’s not an overly complex wine, but it will be a nice complement to our Thanksgiving meal and with the starter of oysters on the half shell.

NV Veuve du Vernay Brut ($8) (K&L Wines)

Dried apricot and citrus.  This is a nicely balanced sparkler for the price.  A nice dose of yeast and lots of bubbles that will pair with everything you’re serving from start to finish.

The Thanksgiving Wine

It’s that time again and this year a lot of research went into finding the perfect Thanksgiving wine.  With the economic downturn this year, I had an added challenge of finding bottles of wine for under $10.  I think I did it!  All the wines I found were under $8 with the exception of a sparkling (I’m still searching, so more on that later).  Our Thanksgiving usually lasts a few days with some of the wine being consumed along with the preparation.  We typically go through about two cases and feed in the neighborhood of 22 people. Continue reading