Sous Vide Demi At Costco

Sousvide Supreme, the maker of sous vide oven units for the home cook, has just released a smaller version of their water oven called the Sousvide Demi. I was shocked to find out about this release while shopping at my local Costco store where they are offering the unit packaged with a cookbook and the vacuum sealer for purchase (online only).

You know that sous vide cooking is heading towards the mainstream when Costco starts selling the machines, and that’s a good thing. Sur la Table is also selling the Sousvide Supreme Demi in five different colors for sale online only for $299.

I will be getting one of these new machines in the near future and I’ll be reviewing it after I play around with it for a while. I have used the larger unit and think the smaller size will be better suited for a home kitchen.

New Kitchen Toy, Err, Tool

As I bounce around from kitchen to kitchen, I find it necessary to have access to a computer and the internet. My iPhone’s screen is to small for most applications and my laptop is to cumbersome to carry around with me. My newest purchase is an iPad and it’s the perfect size for my traveling kitchen companion needs.

The iPad has become an invaluable tool for me in the kitchen and on the go. I’m able to access all of my recipes that I have previously cataloged as well as any other recipes that I can find on the Internet. I’m able to carry around all of my menus as well as being able to run up and down the isles of the supermarket with my ever-changing digital shopping list. I’m constantly tapping away on the large touchscreen to add things I need to pick up at the grocery store and to update my menus. I’m even writing this blog post on the iPad!

I’m still exploring all of the available apps that you can download for the iPad and I will be reviewing the essential ones that I use in an upcoming post.