Seared Ribeye Steak With Mushroom Ragout



Running an online food dictionary has its perks because I get to use the unusual ingredients to create a fun meal. After photographing the ingredients for the Preppings database I get to to figure out how to use them for a meal. Tonight I am cooking a ragout of Hedgehog Mushrooms and Fresh Oaxaca Red Beans, sautéed Loroco Flowers, and seared Ribeye Steak.


Hedgehog Mushrooms (pictured below right) have just started their season and have an earthy flavor and great substitutes would be  Chanterelle Mushrooms and Yellow Foot Mushrooms. Fresh Oaxaca Red Beans (pictured below middle) are one of the types of fresh shelling beans that is similar to Fresh Cranberry Beans with a earthy-slightly sweet flavor and a creamy texture. This is my first time cooking with Loroco Flowers (pictured above and below left). They have a flavor similar to Asparagus and are typically used inside Pupusas. The complex flavor combination of the Loroco Flowers worked well with the steak and mushrooms.

Loroco FlowerFreshOaxacanBeanHedgehogMushroom