Photo Shoot

I had fun doing a photo shoot for Oakland Magazine for the upcoming July issue about chefs and their home kitchens.  After thumbing through so many home improvement magazines about kitchen remodels, it will be rewarding to see our kitchen have its day in the sun.

My Long Neglected Blog

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog, but with the excitement of the new spring ingredients (click “Current Ingredients” for more details) coming to the market, I have been inspired.  

A lot has been going on.  Their is a possibility of the new kitchen being published in a magazine (stay tuned), and another kitchen (light) remodel (NO!, you’ve got to be kidding!), some pictures of what I have been cooking, and hopefully I can get around to writing reviews on the restaurants I have been eating at.

Lets raise a glass to spring and the return of Chef Neil’s hibernation from the winter ingredients.

Kitchen Work Out

The kitchen got a work out when I prepped for a party for 12 people.  All burners and countertops were working at full capacity and the kitchen passed the test.  It was great to be able to spread out into four separate work zones (2 prep, 1 dish, 1 pastry) when preparing two passed appetizers, a first course, a main course, and a dessert.