Slow Food Nation- Friday



I strolled through the Slow Food Nation event near City Hall today to take a peak at the historic food festival.  It was a much larger scale San Francisco Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


The Slow Food campaign is to promote local sustainable foods and to step back into the kitchen and create a healthier lifestyle.  The anti-fast food.


Slow Food was founded by Carlo Petrini, in Italy in 1986, to fight the fast food chains (notably McDonalds) from moving in and pushing out the smaller establishments.  From there, the Slow Food movement has been advocating fair trade, sustainable farming practices, and preserving and celebrating traditional foods.  The movement has reached over 130 countries with its message to stop the industrialization of food production, and to search out local farms. 


I have supported this philosophy in my eating and cooking for years.  It was great to have the opportunity to visit with the local farmers and food producers that have been working hard to bring the chefs great product to work with.