Spring & Summer Salmon Dish

I love springtime ingredients and they are even better when they collide with summer ingredients. I also love using hard to find ingredients and that is one of my motivations for starting the preppings.com website. Right now in California we are seeing all of the summer ingredients starting with all of the spring ingredients still hanging around.








In this dish I have used Smoked Sea Salt Crusted King Salmon, Fava Beans, Morel Mushrooms, Corn Milk & Black Garlic Sauce, with Bullsblood Microgreens.black.garlic


Springtime! Coming Soon

We are starting to see the first signs of spring.  The weather is looking like it will be cooperating with us this week with warm days and soon we should start to see the sunshine come through in the produce.  Every spring I wait patiently in the check out lines of Whole Foods as the new batch of clerks try to find the proper codes for the spring garlic, spring onions, and fava beans as I think of new ways to incorporate these items into my menus.

The unusually rainy season will be pushing back the start of the springtime produce for a few weeks, but it should be well worth it.  I for one, being the seasonal produce driven chef that I am, always gets excited about the start of spring.  I’m starting to see spring garlic, spring onions, English peas, fava beans, and asparagus show up in the markets.  I think it will be an abundant year for mushrooms and we should start to see a lot of Morels popping up out of the ground soon from all of the rains we had this year.