Seared Ribeye Steak With Mushroom Ragout



Running an online food dictionary has its perks because I get to use the unusual ingredients to create a fun meal. After photographing the ingredients for the Preppings database I get to to figure out how to use them for a meal. Tonight I am cooking a ragout of Hedgehog Mushrooms and Fresh Oaxaca Red Beans, sautéed Loroco Flowers, and seared Ribeye Steak.


Hedgehog Mushrooms (pictured below right) have just started their season and have an earthy flavor and great substitutes would be  Chanterelle Mushrooms and Yellow Foot Mushrooms. Fresh Oaxaca Red Beans (pictured below middle) are one of the types of fresh shelling beans that is similar to Fresh Cranberry Beans with a earthy-slightly sweet flavor and a creamy texture. This is my first time cooking with Loroco Flowers (pictured above and below left). They have a flavor similar to Asparagus and are typically used inside Pupusas. The complex flavor combination of the Loroco Flowers worked well with the steak and mushrooms.

Loroco FlowerFreshOaxacanBeanHedgehogMushroom

Salmon With Fresh Marrow Beans

indigo rose tomato


haricot vertFresh Marrow Beans






A quick weekday meal using up leftovers. I always have fun ingredients laying around to play with so I whipped up this poached salmon with Indigo Rose Tomatoes (left) and two types of beans, Fresh Marrow Beans (right) which are a shelling bean, and fresh Haricot Vert (middle). I topped it with a Lemon Balm (bottom left) aïoli and Burnet (bottom right).

Lemon BalmBurnet

Fried Soft Shell Crab

When I was in New Orleans recently I saw soft shell crabs on a lot of menus. It is a hard dish to create at home because the best way to prepare them is by battering and deep frying and not over cooking the precious crustaceans. Soft shell crabs are difficult to find in retail stores because they really need to be alive so you know they are fresh and you have to know how to clean them. I won’t get into how to clean them here, but I will say that it probably isn’t the most humane. Soft shell crabs are a delicacy and if you aren’t up to the task of cooking them at home, look for them on restaurant menus while they are in their short season.

Lemonade Lemon

Guaje Bean

If you know me then you know I have a lot of unique ingredients laying around that I have photographed for the website. The crabs themselves needed to be photographed so I took this opportunity to create a dish with a simple fresh salsa and an aïoli with ingredients I had. I fried the soft shell crabs with an egg wash and then a flour and cornmeal mixture. The aïoli was made with Lemonade Lemons and Guaje Seeds (pictured above). For the salsa I used Mandurian Cucumbers and Zapotec Tomatoes on a bed of Flowering Spinach and topped with Corn Shoots.

Flowering SpinachZapotec TomatoMandurian CucumberPopcorn Shoots


Salmon & Corn Chowder

Salmon And Corn Chowder

Salmon And Corn Chowder

As the summer season starts to fade away and we welcome autumn, I wanted to make one of my favorite dishes while I can still get the quality ingredients. Corn is still available and the salmon season is still running, so I made this Salmon And Corn Chowder (click here to see the ingredient list).

This is a great dish because it is lighter then your traditional chowder. I replaced the cream with coconut milk or you can try substituting puréed corn to give the chowder some body. This is a tasty one pot meal that goes well with a simple salad and some crusty bread. Make a large pot of this chowder and enjoy it for days.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn


Grilled Peach Salad

Grilled Peach Salad

We are in the midst of the changing seasons. I’m always sad to see the summer produce leave as we start transitioning into the chillier days. I have been enjoying the last of the tomatoes, cucumber, corn, melons, and stone fruit as the summer season starts to wind down. I had some peaches that were hard and not as sweet as they were a few weeks ago so I cut them in half, brushed on some olive oil, and threw them on the grill. This adds a nice char flavor and helps bring out some sweetness. Grilled peaches make a great addition to a salad or you can use them for a dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Steak, Watercress Sauce, & Root Vegetables

Steak, Watercress Sauce, & Root Vegetables

While the summer ingredients are waning, the Autumn ingredients are starting to show up in the form of root vegetables.  Here I grilled a ribeye steak and paired it with a watercress sauce, roasted Milan White Turnips and Black Knight Carrots,  parsnip purée, and broccoli sprouts.